How to use the Bokeh photography technique?

Monday, 7 April 2014

I don't mind spending everyday,
Out on your corner in the pouring rain,
Look for the girl with the broken smile,
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile,
And she will be loved, 
And she will be loved.
                                   - Maroon Five

    It is no secret that I'm an avid worshipper of bokeh photography. Bokeh is also referred to as circles of confusion, the out of focus parts of an image. So, bokeh is the points of light in a image that are out of focus, or outside the depth of field, thus creating a beautiful effect. I like to think of life in the same way, it all depends on what we want to focus on, we just need to find the points of 'light' in our lives and concentrate our abilities on them so a stunning panorama is depicted.

Every time I find decorative lights draped around some landscape or building near my dwelling, I walk down the roads with my camera trying to capture this mesmerising technique. I'm whipped.

So how do you take pictures this way? Now, I am far from a professional and still have a long way to go but this is actually pretty easy to do. Note this is all assuming you own a DSLR. It is possible to take bokeh images from a smartphone too but I won't be focusing on that.

One Picture. One Story. || The Price of Poverty

Monday, 24 March 2014

This story was first published at One Picture. One Story where I and my good friend Laila write stories based on the inspiration we find in images. You can check out the blog here and don't forget to show us some love.
         I could n’t sleep. My limbs were jittery, my fingers numb with exhaustion. I rolled around on the tattered excuse for a matteress for the millionth time. I could hear my mother swearing at me to ‘stay put or get the hell out’. I couldn’t blame her, she juggled three jobs a day. Not wanting to piss her off anymore, I forced my body to cooperate, and scooted further under the dusty cloth. In the dim light coming from the lamp across the street, I could make out the cobwebs lining the corners of the room. The walls once used to be white, but after suffering the weight of spills, five chidren and a fire, one could call them a grey shade of black. I could feel the dusty grimy floor as my fingers wiped it clean, no one was bothered by it anyway.

Conducting a Bake Sale at 17

Thursday, 20 March 2014

     I remember coming back home once, the home with the big front terrace and a guava tree in the backyard, and finding that a old neighbor dropped some shoes over. Not the shoes you wear while you're going somewhere, but those with small wheels on the bottom. Her boys had outgrown them so she gave them to me and my sister. They were black and dusty, but somehow the lack of sparkle failed to evade me. Being in my single digits, and having never minded wearing hand me downs,  I set to work. The roller skates, I soon realized were far too big for my ever tiny feet. But that didn't stop me.
       For the next months, that's all I invested my evenings in. I fell, I fell a lot. But first I learned to wear one and then I could wear both of them without the need for a support system. Wearing them, was like a fresh breath. As the wind tousled my hair, and as everything went whooshing past, that was a feeling worth savoring.
          A few weeks ago, while sitting on the toilet (my inspiration arena), all these memories came flooding in. And all I could think about is how I taught myself to skate. There was no adult holding my hand along the way, no one but myself tending to any bruises I was appraised with. Just me, finding my own path, learning my own way.
        It all makes me realize that I've always been pretty independent. I can probably use a ear or two to vent to, every now and then. But that's about it. I have always dealt with everything myself, whether it was stressing out over a college problem, or walking across the stage to accept my student encouragement award. And I'm okay with it.
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