I don't mind spending everyday,
Out on your corner in the pouring rain,
Look for the girl with the broken smile,
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile,
And she will be loved, 
And she will be loved.
                                   - Maroon Five

    It is no secret that I'm an avid worshipper of bokeh photography. Bokeh is also referred to as circles of confusion, the out of focus parts of an image. So, bokeh is the points of light in a image that are out of focus, or outside the depth of field, thus creating a beautiful effect. I like to think of life in the same way, it all depends on what we want to focus on, we just need to find the points of 'light' in our lives and concentrate our abilities on them so a stunning panorama is depicted.

Every time I find decorative lights draped around some landscape or building near my dwelling, I walk down the roads with my camera trying to capture this mesmerising technique. I'm whipped.

So how do you take pictures this way? Now, I am far from a professional and still have a long way to go but this is actually pretty easy to do. Note this is all assuming you own a DSLR. It is possible to take bokeh images from a smartphone too but I won't be focusing on that.

Method #1 (if your camera has a manual focus)

  • Switch your camera to manual focus.
  • Find any lights/bright spots in your retrospect and turn the camera focus ring around until you have a satisfactory bokeh. 
  • Zoom in or zoom out, depending on your requirements. Snap away.

Method #2 (If your camera doesn't have a manual focus)

  • Focus on some object in the foreground, so that the points of light are far away. 
  • As your camera focuses on the subject, you will see those lights grow bigger or smaller. 
  • Change the size of the dots by focusing on something close or far. Snap away.
It is generally more difficult to get a blurry background when you are using a kit lens, but not impossible. Read this for further information.

And now, enjoy the pictures I took late one night. Big cheers for wedding decorations!


  1. What a beautiful effect! So simple, yet brilliant. I'll definitely be giving this a go :)

  2. Let me know when you try it Nazia (: x


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